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Friday, February 1, 2013

UNM-Taos Celebrates Ten Years

In 2013 UNM-Taos celebrates ten years of service to the citizens of northern New Mexico as a Branch Campus.  At the same time, UNM Bachelor and Graduate Programs Through Extended Learning commemorates their twenty year presence in Taos.  We are proud of our record of providing quality, inclusive, affordable education to all who seek it, because education is the open door to the American Dream. We owe this success to the hundreds of dedicated faculty, staff and department heads who have shaped our institution over the years and held it to the highest standards of scholarship and fiscal responsibility.  We honor our state and federal legislators who have supported us through good times and bad. But most of all we salute the students who, through personal sacrifice and perseverance, refuse to give up on their belief in a brighter future. Therefore, it is to the graduates of the Class of 2013 that we dedicate the next decade of excellence in education at UNM-Taos.