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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Library Newsletter January 2013

Although we are writing this during a time when the average temperatures have been straddling 0 degrees, Spring semester has started at UNM- Taos. New classes, new faculty, new students, and new spaces shall all make for an exciting few months here at YOUR community college. Bi-monthly YOUR college library produces this little newsletter to showcase the print journals that are available in the library as well as remind folks that we are here to assist you and also, that we provide a safe and comfortable space.

Please make note that it is NOT too late to sign up for a class for the Spring semester. If you would like to take a full 16-week course you have until January 25th to register for your class. For the condensed 8-week courses, you have until January 18th for the first 8-week courses and until March 22nd for the second 8-week courses.

January can be the month you get in out of the cold while you sit in a nice warm classroom and learn a new skill, or share your knowledge with your classmates and then when February rolls around you’ll be ready to celebrate YOUR college library and all it has to offer.

February is “Love Your Library” month and we like to acknowledge that with a little “friendraising” event each year. Keep your eyes and ears open as it gets closer to Valentine’s day for our Love Your Library Author Auction program where you can partake in good food, listen to music, mingle with others supporting YOUR library, and bid in a silent auction on exciting and enlightening workshops, books, dinners, etc. Call YOUR college library for more information at 737- 6242.

Lastly, also in February, is the 2013 Taos Municipal School Board election. The local school board also serves as the advisory board for UNM-Taos. The election for Districts 3 and 5 will be held February 5th. In District 3, Denise Walker and Mark Flores II are in the running and in District 5, Israel Padilla, James Sanborn and Kristen Torres are on the ballot. Come out and make your vote count.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” Carl Rogers, Psychologist.